Dating in Lisbon, Portugal: No Woman No Cry? – Lisbon Video

A beautiful city in the South of Europe should be overflowing with romance, right? Well, not QUITE. Check out my adventure in Lisbon as I discuss the major issue with dating in the city! …

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  1. There you go:

    1 – Very strong slut shaming. This still has an effect, a lot less on the
    younger generation, but on the 30s and above? A LOT. Even their friends
    will think them sluts and make sure it spreads.

    2 – SMALL PLACE. Really. Everybody knows everybody here, our capital is
    like 500 000 people but you seem to all frequent the same places (that you
    like). So – a slut is a slut here.

    3 – Guys have very high approach anxiety, justified because bitches will
    shoot you down hard. Even if they don’t want to, they do not want to look
    like sluts – to their friends, and to you. Cold approach is a bitch here –
    and you do get noticed. So, WE DON’T APPROCH MORE BECAUSE WE FEEL THERE’S
    NO POINT TO IT. We usually get cold faces, or even if we break conversation
    out of their mouths is usually so so boring. They don’t know how to tease,
    to flirt, to be funny, to be interesting.

    4 – Portuguese chicks think the sun shines out of their arse, and its a
    favour they do talking to you. Fuck that. Plus they got shit conversation
    to back up all that wonder. You gotta be drunk to be able to ignore their
    whiny bullshit without throwing up.

    5 – Foreigners are a LOT easier. More approachable.

    6 – Guys here will validate the shit out of bitches, but wifing up single
    mothers and shit is something different. As a rule we are far less beta
    regarding that – and our women know it. Sure there’s a lot of them single
    mothers, but mostly they are divorced. Which is why getting “fixed” (an
    abortion) was common before it was legalized, even more now.

    That said: you can do it through social circles. If you got a good reason
    to be talking to her – then she no longer looks like a slut for talking to
    you. The web is also a good icebreaker. Harder to pretend you’re a shiny
    white virgin if you’re trawling for men. Plus, the typical Portuguese girl
    seems to be only atracted by the typical guy that works in the night scene,
    football player or guy with money.

  2. · Edit

    Мариночка, вы такая очаровательная женщина, вы мне очень нравитесь… Писю
    вам хотела бы полизать. Я восхищена вами, честное слово! Вы очень смелая и

  3. very interesting project! maybe next somewhere in Skandinavia for

  4. If you think Portuguese men are those seen at ~2:13, you’ve got it so very

    Those aren’t even men yet, they look like they’re 16 (the legal drinking

  5. I friend you real need to contact me… this video is not well done.. have
    many things wrong… but one thing is correct the main ideia is there…

  6. You might have a better chance in places like Italy, Spain or Brazil

  7. looks like global issue now

  8. This is just dumb and the dumbest one is the beard Gui ( hell of a
    name…)!!!! Women are the same everywhere and so are men. Basically,if you
    are a cute,clean cut,nice guy,you will have better chances in getting a
    girl,and off course,you are more self confident about it. If you are just a
    “normal” dude,with all the possible imperfections,then you won’t get
    anything. And this is not romance,this is a bunch of guys getting wasted at
    friday night and a bunch of girls waiting for prince charming,even if
    themselves look like fucking whales! Enough said,if you want easy,get a
    hooker! Peace!

  9. I love your videos Mia ✔️✔️✔️

  10. I liked the video. Just one little thing: Lisbon is not a Mediterranean
    city. It’s an Atlantic city. The entire Portuguese territory is not
    Mediterranean – it is completely Atlantic. 


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