the mentalist 4×24 jane and lisbon i love you – Lisbon Video

The CBI team looks into the murder of a John Doe. When Jane fails again in his attempt to defeat Red John, he hits rock bottom, finds a lover and things go downhill from there. i don’t own…
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  1. Coco21212 says:

    After many more “I love you” from Jane in “blue bird”, I’m still waiting
    for Lisbon to reciprocate. An “I feel the same way” won’t be enough! :)

  2. Lenka Chernakova says:

    Da faq?

  3. Plasvi says:

    And we get a kiss two seasons later.. oh the joy of being a Mentalista ;D

  4. Lucia Valles says:

    Oh, cool. I hate when Youtube doesn’t let me watch videos on my country

  5. jarvais56 says:

    oh jane. you’re making a list of all the men you’ve shook hands with during
    the past 10 years. don’t even tell me you don’t remember telling lisbon you
    love her. XP

  6. Caroline Fielding says:

    OK cause I haven’t gotten up to that epsiode yet

  7. JaneColdplay says:

    Freudian slip: he told her he loves her!

  8. Beth Tunney says:

    This probably has nothing to do with nothing, but he says ‘never better’ to
    the team in this scene. And then he says it to Lisbon later on after his
    ‘encounter’ with RJ

  9. CeliaManon says:

    Can you tell me the episode quickly please do because in France is not yey
    passed 🙂

  10. XXxKasumi05xXX says:

    weee omg he finally told her..that….HE LOVES HER <3333 and the hug *O*
    this is sooo heart-touching x3 GO JISBON!!!

  11. TheBerryliciousx says:

    die folge kam gestern auf sat 1 ! 😀

  12. Rose Brito says:


  13. Princessportent says:

    ^ one possibility. But I imagine they must have discussed the routine
    before hand. They probably did – it would be a stupid chance to take – to
    not tell Lisbon, and have her either pull her gun, struggle afterwards, or
    have to explain the situation afterwards to someone probably panic ridden.
    My guess is that he told her the plan, but that the hug and the words after
    were more impulsive – given Lisbon’s somewhat confused frown during the hug

  14. CeliaManon says:

    Oui ça m’arrange plus que j’ai du mal avec l’anglais MDR 🙂 tu as vu
    l’épisode ?

  15. wiikendii says:

    letzte Folge deer 4ten Staffel (steht im Titel) 😉 und Lisbon lebt noch:)

  16. lyraxbelanquaxx says:

    He called her Teresa.. Why was it short like a quick love you? Items weird

  17. lentebloesem1 says:

    season 4 finale 4.24 ‘the crimson hat’

  18. Moo S says:

    @Atlantique2010 Nope she was in on a plan and it involved him needing to
    kill her but he didn’t


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