Jane & Lisbon I LOVE YOU + KISS – Lisbon Video


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  1. I have waited six long fuckin seasons , i was shipping them since season
    one , WOW ! Finally !
    The truth , The truth , The truth teresa.. how many time he said that ,
    childish Jane , i love that 

  2. It was about time! I guess it makes sense that while she was his boss, they
    couldn’t really go there. It would be too out of Character for Lisbon to
    have a relationship with someone she was in charge of. Can’t wait to see
    how their relationship progresses!

  3. I got a selfie with u simon

  4. Crying so bad! <3

  5. I keep watching this scene over & over. I ship them so much you don’t know.
    I love that he was honest with her, it’s about time. The same with her glad
    she was honest with him, on how she felt. I mean come, she’s stood by him
    through everything he did. You could tell they had something between them.
    Why else would she follow him on his schemes. I am loving the new season
    too. I’m getting tried though, I hate when people say they don’t have
    chemistry. Like if you don’t think they do, then why watch the slow.
    They’ve had amazing chemistry from the very first episode. 

  6. I love these scenes, they are so in character and so touching. The facial
    expressions of both in the last scene are priceless. Love it.
    We need to add this these views to the other 238 0000 and see if it will
    add up to a million by January 2015

  7. Such incredible acting! And like a previous person said…I’ve watched this
    an unhealthy amount of times hahaha

  8. I think Jane and Lisbon do have chemistry. I think what was lacking was the
    right bg music.. let’s be honest. A lot of our favorite romantic scenes in
    many shows are backed by the perfect bg music.

  9. This kiss is one of the most non-erotic kissing scenes i ve ever seen!! I
    mean come on, these two have zero chemistry!!
    Baker is a talented actor and his character is very attractive, besides
    handsome, he is attractive as a person. Tunney is talentless, zero
    likeable, anti-sexual and has this one expression in her face, like she
    wants to fart but she cant. He s totally out of her league in general and i
    cant see any reason why a guy like Jane would hook up with Lisbon. I mean
    sure, he loves her because she s good hearted, she stands by him and she
    will until she dies, but this is not enough for two people to be a couple.
    They would make great best friends, soulmates if you will, but a couple???
    This happens also in Elementary, where Johnny Lee Miller is EXTREMELY
    talented and attractive in his weird way, whereas Lucy Liu is like she had
    all the bottox in the world and cant move a single muscle in her face, plus
    she is the opposite of an attractive personality. What’s going on with zero
    chemistry couples???? Where are the Ross and Rachel stuff? The Marshall and
    Lilly connection? The different but great together Penny and Leonard? The
    super erotic Joe Caroll with Claire Matthews? Even Popeye and Olive are
    better than Jane and Lisbon!! I hope this zero-chemistry is not a new
    “thing” for series!!! 

  10. Lol the guy in the back “hey stop that!” Haha

  11. I love her expresion after she says `he will understand` its like she
    really dosen`t care about pike and his feelings now that she knows jane
    really loves her. her expression instead says I am in love with you and i
    want you to kiss me. lol Seriously though i get a adrenalin rush
    everytime i see this! i still cant belive it actually happend. Thank you
    TV gods!!

    I am shipping so hard I’m about to get seasick.

  13. I’ve watched this an unhealthy amount of times.

  14. Ohh how long i am waiting for that 😀 6 Seasons!!!!

  15. HOLY CRAP! I stoppad watching this show for a while becasue they never got
    together and then I see this on Facebook. I got shills the first time I saw
    the video and I still scream and cry everytime I see this video. FINALLY
    🙂 🙂 after 6 Season this is the moment everyone have been waiting for

  16. the best series ever


  18. When he says “say what again” he looks as if he wants to devour her. God,
    that’s so sexy. I hope Lisbon will get pregant before the end of the show,
    so we can see Jane be a daddy again

  19. Yay!!! My (and every Jisbon shipper) dream came true. I can watch this over
    and over and not get tired of it. Truly beautiful and wonderful acting by
    Simon and Robin. I’m so happy right now :)

  20. i have never seen this series, but i have watched this video like hundred
    times. wonderful

  21. Never tired of watching this!.Finally after waiting so long.:)


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