The Mentalist – Jane catches Lisbon (5×14) – Lisbon Video

Sadly, we can’t see it as good as in the promo 🙁

10 Responses to “The Mentalist – Jane catches Lisbon (5×14) – Lisbon Video”

  1. MinePhenixg says:

    i would rather have a crossover with the mentalist and castle xD

  2. JisbonProductions says:

    +BiggestTVFan No sadly not :/

  3. Cristina Martins says:

    That whould be epic, I could see Booth and Lisbon share crazy stories about
    their partner!

  4. xMissJessiica says:

    Poor Lisbon! At least Jane is there to catch her :3

  5. stravinsky1300 says:

    And Jane and Brennen working together would be hilarious. Aside from
    religious views they are just about polar opposites. Jane would drive Bones

  6. melissa clark says:

    worse than being buried alive in a coffin

  7. BiggestTVFan says:

    Are there any other clips where we can seem them straight afterwards?

  8. ChloeOfTheCookies says:

    I don’t think he caught her in time! D:

  9. stravinsky1300 says:

    This seems more like a case for Bones, not the Mentalist. Maybe they should
    have done a crossover.

  10. JisbonProductions says:

    She definitely would 😀 Sometimes I think it’s so sad that the best shows
    aren’t on the same channel, so a crossover is not that likely…


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