Jane ♥ Lisbon final scene – “..obviously you want to dance” – Lisbon Video

This is the scene we all huge Jisbon fan been waiting for!!!!!!!! THIS IS LOVE!!! GO JISBOOOON!!! This is the best scene EVA!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 Responses to “Jane ♥ Lisbon final scene – “..obviously you want to dance” – Lisbon Video”

  1. Vin KK says:

    It would be the best ending ever if they danced like this to the same song
    in season 7.. I would cry too much!!!!

  2. deh amorim says:

    brother and sister my ass!

  3. patr0nuss says:

    everytime i watch this scene i keep smiling like a fool… this is so cute!

  4. wxclim8 says:

    I hope we see them dancing together in season 7. :)

  5. mrsCastlebAby says:

    Am I the only one that hears the little “awww,” at 1:06? They are so
    freakin adorable! and that finale! ugggghhh season 7 where are you?

  6. mycheesesteak says:

    Does anyone know what episode this is? Thx.

  7. Olivia Joseph says:

    Oh they’re so cute !! I’ve never seen this video before !!!! 

  8. joyeful says:

    What episode is this?

  9. Cass W. says:

    For those asking the song is More Than Words by Extreme. It’s on youtube.

  10. Gillian McManemin says:

    What did he say? Trumpet?

  11. NamuSan says:

    Humm… Jisbon rules *

  12. reko568 says:

    Come on you stupid producers! Stop hinting and tip-toeing around it! They
    HAVE to kiss in the new season or i’m gonna go there and make them write it.

  13. ChloeOfTheCookies says:

    Well hang on – the series is being renewed for two more seasons I believe.
    Simon Baker said we won’t find out this season. Sorry. 🙁

  14. Rodrigo Costa says:

    Yeah, in this scene they don’t look like brother and sister, obviously. I
    just think that is taking too much time to happen something between them.
    But it’s never too late. I really would like see them together

  15. Lian44 says:

    omg, just make out already…

  16. Blindluck92 says:

    That guy talking at the beginning… Where have I seen him before?

  17. Plasvi says:

    I love these two together oh my! :3

  18. Ouaueaio says:

    is taking alot time to put they officialy together!

  19. DanishGirl92 says:

    I mean, the lyrics – “you don’t have to tell me that you love me, cause I
    already know” 3 They have to be together in the end 🙂

  20. ama12347 says:

    what is the name of the song they are dancing???

  21. Gabriella Nicky says:

    @siewsheng88 more than words 🙂 i always heard the way Westlife sings this
    song so it’s more than words – westlife

  22. majinj8c says:

    0:53 wow don’t look at me like that ^^ lovely

  23. LostSony93 says:

    episode 2×11 🙂

  24. Feralious says:

    @krazydoctorwhogirl For real, how do you know he has any true feelings for
    Lisbon? I’ve never even seen any real hints regarding it. Sure, it’s
    possible that he likes her, seeing as he cares a great deal about her, but
    from what we’ve seen he’s definitely not in love with her at this moment.


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