Lisbon 2014 – Lisbon Video

Adam and myself decided to go on a quick 3 day getaway to the stunning Portuguese capital Lisbon, here’s a little video showing you what we got up too. Twitt…
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14 Responses to “Lisbon 2014 – Lisbon Video”

  1. SecondaryOrange says:

    This was wonderful, Sophie! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. 

  2. 1RKruemel says:

    Interestingly the german word for ocean sunfish is Mondfisch, which means
    “moonfish” :)

  3. Batt Mellamy says:

    very pretty video – makes me want to go there 😛 i know too many fish
    thanks to animal crossing haha

  4. Elio. says:


  5. Tyler Petrich says:

    Those fish are so entertaining! 

  6. feyrytales says:

    I had the same reaction when I was visiting the Osaka aquarium a bit over a
    month ago: “Oh so this is what all the Animal Crossing fish actually look
    like!” (They also had the great whale shark so y’know.. and the ocean
    sunfish is such a weird creature in real life haha)

  7. Sam Cordell says:

    Yes Soph, smashing it…

  8. Inês Machado says:

    For some reason I feel really proud of being portuguese right now. :P

  9. DayneTheMane says:

    thanks for talking time to film this! it really made me happy :)

  10. JPfilms says:

    Hey, I’m portuguese 🙂 Did you like Lisbon? You should try the north next
    time 🙂
    I really liked your video btw 🙂 

  11. awkwardquark says:

    hey Sophie, just want to tell you how amazing you were in showing the
    beauty of my own country… come whenever you want to, we are more than
    delighted to have you here

  12. FairyCrownRealm says:

    spain is so lovely ^.^ awesome travel vlog video! love and light

  13. Julia Ju says:

    I’m glad you liked it here! :)

  14. river says:

    Hey! I’m from Lisbon! I’m glad you liked it :D. 


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