Lincolnshire Posy – I. Lisbon By Percy Grainger – Lisbon Video

Performed by the North Texas Wind Symphony Lincolnshire Posy I. Lisbon (Sailors Song) The main theme of the movement is presented first in the muted trumpets…


25 Responses to “Lincolnshire Posy – I. Lisbon By Percy Grainger – Lisbon Video”

  1. Jeremy Miller says:

    actually 1st trombone plays in this movement

  2. mr170000 says:

    Im a a fellow trombonist, but French horns KILLED THIS and so did the Clarinets!

  3. MarineManiac002 says:

    I see your GO TUBA!!! and raise you to a YEAH TROMBONES! Except that trombones sit this whole movement out.

  4. Videofreak1127 says:

    I see your YEAH BASSOON! and raise you a GO TUBA!!!

  5. Erick Cruz says:

    Playing this song for state band next week! So excited!

  6. wordsmith52 says:

    yea man!  ….dont mean a thing if it aint got that ….

  7. andrew kerr says:

    my music teacher likened the woodwind section to playing this song “like drunken elephants”

  8. macsdlol says:

    playing this for high school try outs, really freaking out…

  9. Don Lind says:

    we played Lincolnshire Posy in 1971… we had a really great band director and and he taught us well… I still remember this stuff… A real fun piece to play… we actually made a recording… one of those big black round things with grooves on it… state of the art back then…

  10. LudacrisGamers says:

    Well you certainly won’t be able to teach him English, but seriously like YOU would have anything to teach Percy Grainger, you dumbass, I hope you enjoyed looking like a jerk to say the least.

  11. Jraiser786 says:

    I’m glad that you got all the attention you wanted with those replies.

  12. IanTheCameraGuy says:

    Exactly what’s wrong with it?

  13. Angelica Rivera says:

    Hahahaha dumb bitch

  14. burritoboy726 says:

    We played it last year and I fucking miss it!

  15. Earl Christian says:

    Our wind ensemble will be preforming this very soon. It is a wonderful piece.

  16. Rufus Acosta says:

    Actually, the opening theme is in the bassoons. The trumpets are on top as a color and the aggregate effect is of parallel triads.

  17. nerfman999 says:

    this is the foundation for all the crap you listen to. if we hadnt started with classical, nobody would know how to tune the machines that make your favorite artists’ music

  18. murygordyH says:

    Obvious troll is obvious. He loses some points there, methinks.

  19. Kenny Ooka says:

    This is the best movement

  20. orchtrumpet91 says:

    haha! a successful troll! well done!

  21. orangebhuddy29 says:

    What’s this “used to” stuff? Obviously people still listen to it. What artists/type of music do think is good in your opinion?

  22. beau marabella says:

    holy shit man come over and let me give you some real lessons what a dumbass! i really cant beleive people USED to listen to stuff like this

  23. NintendoLessThan3 says:

    Sir please refrain from feeding the trolls.

  24. 30214john says:

    You’ve got it backwards.

  25. beau marabella says:

    your a straight d bag… this music is nothing compared to 2-pac or biggie or eminem for sure. this hurts my ears. it makes me want to put toothpicks under my toes and kick a wall


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